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LYRA II Chilled Beam


The LYRA II diffuses air in four directions. This gives a high cooling capacity as well as a high level of comfort. Like all FläktGroup SEMCO active chilled beams, it provides comfort with low air velocities in the room by mixing the supply air with the ambient air. With FläktGroup SEMCO chilled beams system, you will also reduce your investment and operating costs.

The LYRA II is a chilled beam cassette offering a very low noise level combined with high flexibility and high cooling capacity. The LYRA II creates a sound level of less than 20 dB for a single cassette installation and a sound level of less than 25 dB with three LYRA II cassettes in the same room.

The LYRA II cassette offers flexibility. With a smart combination of functions, LYRA II can adapt itself to different layouts required during the building’s lifetime.  

With the fastening brackets, the installation of the cassette beam is quick, safe, and easy. The system is installed in two steps. First, the rods and brackets are installed, and the beam itself is installed when the building is clean. Only one person is needed to install LYRA II. 

As an active chilled beam, LYRA II is available as part of FläktGroup SEMCO's 3fficiency system.

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