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Improving indoor environments involves improving both the quality of air and the efficiency of its delivery by utilizing technology that provides cost-effective control of indoor environments. It requires specialized skills, broad experience, and technological expertise to properly apply this technology to the specific challenges and needs of today.

Taking the quality of indoor environments for granted can be costly. Consider how people working in these environments are affected. They suffer from a variety of illnesses, inattentiveness, and poor performance. The cost is staggering. Illnesses related to poor air quality cost organizations billions annually in lost productivity.

The current practice in building design is to construct airtight buildings that provide greater energy efficiency. This approach has created unintended consequences. Continuously re-circulated old air contributes to unhealthy indoor environments caused by a build-up of germs and potentially dangerous chemical pollutants. Traditional attempts to overcome this problem by increasing the amount of outside air brought into the building creates other problems: elevated humidity, higher noise levels, and increased energy demands.

Our company

Since 1963, FläktGroup® SEMCOTM has pioneered products and services that improve indoor environments. Today, we are a worldwide innovator of desiccant-based products and systems able to recover energy, increase ventilation, and control humidity. We are also among the world's largest fabricators of energy-efficient spiral pipe and fittings, acoustical enclosures, and sound attenuators, all manufactured in America.

You need solutions and support: we provide both. Customers worldwide have come to rely upon FläktGroup SEMCO for proven technologies and service.


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