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Ascendant Series - ADM/EP-ADM


The Ascendant Series is a conventional cooling, active desiccant hybrid system, performance-optimized to deliver low dew points (down to 20°F) while minimizing tons of cooling input. The Ascendant Series operates with 25% to 50% less energy cost than conventional refrigeration-based dehumidification systems affirming FläktGroup SEMCO’s goal of delivering the best indoor air quality and performance, while maximizing energy efficiency.

The Ascendant Series is ideal for hospital operating rooms, archival and dry storage, hotel/condo buildings, and other applications requiring low dew point temperatures and supply air humidity levels as low as 15 grains. It operates without the need for exhaust heat recovery, a feature making it ideal for applications requiring 100-percent outdoor air when exhaust air is unavailable for collection.

The Ascendant Series' performance specifications help building systems surpass ASHRAE 90.1 building energy, ASHRAE 170 ventilation, and ASHRAE 62.1 indoor air quality (IAQ) standards. Created to allow ideal space temperature and humidity control, the Ascendant Series enhances indoor air quality, comfort, and safety.

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