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The award-winning 3fficiency system provides an energy-efficient, easy-to-specify, integrated solution. This system uses an average of 70% less pump energy to achieve better comfort than traditional equipment. Reducing airflow by 50% or more, 3fficiency saves motor horsepower and improves upon a traditional chilled beam design by reducing piping and simplifying building controls.

3fficiency consists of three top of the line FläktGroup SEMCO products:

  1. Pinnacle Dedicated Outdoor Air System: Manages 100% of a building’s ventilation and indoor humidity load in a single package, responding to varying conditions on demand. It cools, heats, or dehumidifies as required, providing a steady stream of optimally pre-conditioned, high-quality comfortable air.

    Learn more about the Pinnacle Series here.

  2. Neuton Controlled Chilled Beam Pump Module: Designed to control condensation, provide energy savings, and optimize water temperature.

    Learn about the Neuton Chilled Beam Pump Module here.

  3. Chilled Beam Line: Provide comfort with low air velocities in the room by mixing the supply air with the ambient air.

    Learn more about chilled beams here.

3fficiency is a great alternative to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF). The benefits of using 3fficiency over a VRF system include:

  • No more concerns with ASHRAE 15 – Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems
  • No more refrigerant leaks
  • No more electrical wire runs
  • A whole building variable water flow system!

Applicable LEEDv4 Credits

  • EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
  • EAc2: Optimize Energy Performance
  • EQc5: Thermal Comfort
  • Eqp1: Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance
  • Eqp2: Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies

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Watch the video below to learn about how the 3fficiency system was used to save money and increase attendance at Clark County schools in Kentucky. 




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