Pi Airflow Control

Simplied DCV for all Ductworks

The Pi functionality as well as the Flow Pattern and Energy Control
functions are all designed to adapt to the frequent changes in a
modern office. When the demands change, the Pi actuator can
simply be moved to another chilled beam and readjusted in minutes.

The Pi function gives chilled beams even more flexibility making them pressure independent and adding a Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) function allowing the air diffusion to follow the building occupancy making the HVAC system highly efficient.

Varying airflow to match occupancy levels reduces energy consumption and increases comfort. A DCV system with chilled beams with Pi functionality gives energy savings of more than 50% when compared to a CAV system. 

  • Can be retrofitted
  • Saves money while maximizing comfort
  • Fits into any ductwork system
  • Fast & easy installation


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Pi Airflow Control

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Download the Pi chilled beams brochure

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