NEUTON's Features & Benefits

Active chilled beams have been proven to be the most energy efficient way to provide sensible cooling and heating to a space. Despite the design advantages of chilled beams, more wide spread acceptance of the technology has been limited due to several key design barriers facing the engineering community.

  • The high cost of the primary and secondary piping – making the use of the technology more expensive than other more conventional systems
  • The concern for condensation on the surfaces of the coils contained within the beams
  • Designing and implementing controls to properly operate the chilled beam network, optimize system performance, including communication with the dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) – “plug and play” solutions
  • The inability to use traditional chilled/hot water main loop temperatures (i.e. 42° and 120-180°) to serve the beam zones.

The NEUTON™ controlled chilled beam pump module (CCBPM) resolves all of these issues. It allows a chilled beam system to be installed at a cost similar to more conventional systems while providing superior performance, using a fully integrated “plug and play” controlled pump package optimized specifically for chilled beam applications.

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