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Experience with Casinos

The HVAC System is important in a casino.The HVAC system in a casino makes a big difference on indoor air quality!

FläktGroup SEMCO has decades of experience in the gaming industry. Our products ensure that both customers and staff are breathing cleaner, fresher air when our energy recovery wheel ventilation systems are utilized.

Exhaust air from casinos can contain pollutants such as environmental tobacco smoke, off-gases from carpets and construction glues and solvents – all potential contributors to poor indoor air quality. The SEMCO True 3Å wheel desiccant does not adsorb these airborne contaminants. Instead they are passed through and exhausted. Independent laboratory and field testing has documented 0.45% cross-contamination between air streams. Our products also reduce maintenance by including an anti-stick face coat that is specific to environmental tobacco smoke.


  • Casino Applications - a selection of casinos using SEMCO products and what equipment they use

 Click on the links below to read about some of our energy recovery HVAC solutions ideal for casinos. On each product's page, you can download literature and technical guides when available.

EP Seriesultimate performance in the transfer of total energy (both latent and sensible)

True 3Å Wheelthe industry’s highest recovery performance (AHRI Certified) and Recovery Efficiency Ratios (RER). Anti-corrosion, anti-microbial anti-stick face coatings are standard. For more information, download the Energy Recovery Wheel Technical guide.

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HVAC for Indoor Air Quality in Casinos